Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Coal and Crystals: Latest Offerings from EgosumAii

Lovely Crystal Gem pasties and Body Glitter are EgosumAii's offerings @ Etoile Chromastar Event beginning January 5. The Crystal Gems are available non-rigged and rigged for Maitreya and Slink and can be tinted any color you like. I tinted mine a light cream to go with my outfit and it worked beautifully ! The Body Glitter is available in 8 colors and 2 versions. 

I just had to show you the Coal Pup available through Pocket Gacha one more time!

[I featured his RARE brother in my December 28 blog] This is the COMMON Coal pup in black and gold. He is bento rigged and animated with very lifelike movements.
Coal Pups are available in 8 colors. 

Hair+Aii Yuran Hair (in the older stuff room)
Head ~ Catwa Catya v2.16
Eyes ~ Booty's Beauty Dream Eyes
Body ~ Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin ~ 7 Deadly S[k]ins Cicely Drow
Outfit ~ Una Pandora gacha items sleeves and skirt with pearls COMMON & RARE
Body Glitter ~ EgoSumAii Body Glitter Clear [Maitreya, Omega] 
Pasties ~ EgosumAii Crystal Gems tinted cream [Non rigged, Maitreya, Slink]

Photos ~ Aii Ugly & Beautiful sim


Thursday, December 28, 2017

EgosumAii Coal Pup

Now available via the Pocket Gacha hud, Coal Pups from EgosumAii.
I'm not sure whether these creatures are dragons or dogs, since they have fiery, scaly skins and a very toothy jaw, but act like friendly puppies. They look like some variety of shisa, and thus, would be protective spirits.  Available with 1 RARE that rides on your shoulder and comes with a hud to change the skin texture and eye colors and 8 COMMONS that cuddle in your arms, all are bento rigged and animated.

I took my Coal Pup to a sim called "Adventures Land" that has five different adventures available for intrepid explorers. The Tibetan Labyrinth shown here has moving walls, as though a regular maze wouldn't be difficult enough. My Coal Pup kept me safe and only snickered a little when I got totally lost in the maze.

Hair ~ (r)Mint No.48'17-gG 01'17
Head ~ Akeruka Kumiko Bento 2.6
Eyes ~ IKON Promise Moor
Body ~ Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin ~ 7 Deadly S[k]ins Rood SE
Outfit ~ NYU Dynasty Dress FloralPurple [Maitreya] Gacha item
Nails ~ DP Koffin Nails Dark Japan


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Last look @ Winter's Hollow

One category that hasn't been covered heavily for this year's Winter's Hallow is the variety of home accents and accessories available. I know you're thinking "but Christmas is over", but if you're like me, I can never find the cute holiday decorations I saw last year and most of these are EXCLUSIVES, so I suggest getting them while they're still available at such low prices! Make a box marked "Winter home d├ęcor" and put them in your inventory so that next year when you want to decorate your house you'll be all ready!

Winter's Hollow goodies: 
Fireplace ~ BtD Forgotten Fireplaces Toymaker EXCLUSIVE *
Stockings ~ Candle and Cauldron Velvet Stockings [hunt item] *
Picture Candle and Cauldron Wolf Moon Frame [6 frame textures] EXCLUSIVE *
Tree ~ Libertine Christmas Tree and ornaments. The tree is really inexpensive and the ornaments are gacha items *
Table ~ Livid Magic Christmas Dinner Table with 6 animated chairs, 3 course dinner and  drinks EXCLUSIVE *

Hair ~ Pr!tty MeMe
Head ~ Catwa Catya 2.16
Makeup ~ Venge Yule Berry Lashes [3 styles / Catwa] EXCLUSIVE *
Body ~ Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin ~ Glam Affair Ophelia
Outfit ~ Witch)o(Craft Morwena dress with heels [Belleza, eBody, Maitreya, Slink, TMP] EXCLUSIVE *
Jewlery ~ IT Let it Snow Necklace & Earrings [10 metals + 8 -11 bead colors ] *
Nails ~ DP Koffin Nails Eternal Eclipse [5 colors w gold moon / Maitreya, Omega, Slink] Solstice Tree GIFT *


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Winter's Hollow: To Sleep, perchance to Dream

It wouldn't be Winter's Hollow without a graveyard. That's just the way it is. And BTW, mound sitting has a long history in the northern climes. A wise woman would sit in the graveyard or on a particular mound through the night in order to receive guidance from the dead. I'm not claiming to be particularly wise, and I certainly wouldn't wear such a cute outfit to do something so serious, but this is SL and I'm allowed creative license...

The EXCLUSIVE gacha items from Oyasumi fit in with the atmosphere. There are a variety of rugs, pillows and sleep masks, 17 items in all, with the theme of sleep and death in different styles.

The EXCLUSIVE Krampus Sweater Dress comes from Get Frocked and the EXCLUSIVE Cruella Noelle boots are from 1313 Mockingbird Lane. My nails are the L$5 Hunt item from Dark Passions Koffin Nails.
Hair ~ Besom Relle
Head ~ LeLutka Simone 3.0
Body ~ Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin ~ Glam Affair Kendall Jamaica
Outfit ~ Get Frocked Krampus Sweater Dress  EXCLUSIVE [6 colors / Fitmesh, Belleza, eBody, Maitreya, Slink] *
Boots ~ 1313 Mockingbird Lane Curella Noelle EXCLUSIVE [4 colors, 2 textures /
Nails ~ DP Koffin Nails Ice Witch Hunt item [3 colors / Maitreya, Omega, Slink]  *


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Winter Dragon: EgosumAii's Profane Guardians

Another family of dragons from EgosumAii is available @ the Gacha Arcade. These Profane Guardians are fur covered and a bit more sinister than the last dragons we saw there, but every bit as wonderful. 

Most of the guardians are worn around the shoulders. They are animated to cuddle and rub their heads against your cheek like loving pets, but also encircle you with their tails and strike out to protect you.

They remind me of Falkor, the luck dragon from the Neverending Story, assuming that he was still flying around protecting the land even though his days were over.

Available in 9 colors, with one RARE that has a hud for all the colors + accessories like the fires in the eyes, there is also a RARE that can be ridden.

I'm wearing the ribbon mask which is a special prize for having played the EgosumAii gacha 25 times.
Hair ~ Calico Emera
Body ~ Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin ~ Lure Queen Skin 2 RARE
Outfit ~ Awen's Creations Amika Gown and jewelry
Tattoo ~ Lure Survivor Pack Tattoo
Nails ~ DaneMarkZ Precious Metals

Profane Guardian Dragons are available @ the Arcade Gacha Event 

Photos ~ Magick