Wednesday, July 19, 2017

+Aii gives you a hand @ Kagami

I have long believed that a woman should be able to grow another arm for each child in her life.
By that reckoning, I should have six arms.  Now, thanks to +Aii, I have them! They're animated and attached to the bento skeleton. The top pair can juggle glowing celestial orbs and the lower ones can hold a cup of wine and make classical mudras. These and other wonders are available @ Kagami 2017, a Japanese horror event / game.

These bento arms are EXCLUSIVE to the event, so don't miss your opportunity to get them!
They come with a hud that allows you to choose from 5 skin colors to match the Aii skins, but if you want to match a different skin, just buy the Omega to Aii relay next to the arm display and use any Omega skin for a perfect match.
Celestial orbs 8 colors
Wine goblet comes animated to drink or not
Nails 16 colors
Shawl 4 textures

Available @ Kagami July 17- August 28
Hair ~ Ayashi Nao Hair
Body ~ Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin ~ WoW Milk
Outfit ~ Una Akame Dress and Corset
Shoes ~ +Aii Shii Geta and Stockings
Tattoo ~ +Aii Hungry Oni B&W or Color
Wear or apply to the arms
Picture to the left taken @
Kagami Market

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